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Whether you're injured on the job or dealing with an illness or disability, Health Onsite provides therapy services directly at your workplace. The reason for onsite therapy is simple: it's practical and effective. We assess what you do in your work environment and develop strategies that improve your health and wellness, increase your productivity and performance, and alleviate your pain and fatigue. You receive individualized attention that is exclusive to your specific job requirements. 

We offer a variety of programs, including: in-home therapy for those at home with an injury; work-hardening for those preparing to return to work; and onsite therapy if you're not able to take time off from work (or if you prefer to receive services during your break). We work with your physician, case manager, attorney, employer, and insurance company (including workers' compensation) to find the most constructive plan and schedule for you. Whether you're a single individual or a large-scale company, feel free to explore our services: 

  • Workplace Evaluations

  • Ergonomic Assessments

  • Work Conditioning & Work Hardening

  • Task Analysis

  • Performance Optimization

  • Job-Specific Training

  • Injury Prevention

  • Pain Management

  • Environmental Modification

  • Workplace Accessibility

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Please contact us directly with any questions or scheduling inquiries you may have. 

We currently accept Medicare and Blue Shield insurance. Private (self-pay) clients are also welcomed. 
Please note that you do not need to be "home-bound" to receive therapy services in your home.

Contracted services for home health agencies and facilities are also available.