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Health Onsite provides healthcare services in the comfort of your home or workplace. We provide the highest level of patient care by catering to your individual needs. Anything less than our best is a disservice to you and our profession. 

We provide services at home because outcomes are best achieved through your natural environment. We provide services at work so you can be healthy and productive in your occupation. We want you to be successful wherever you are. 

We are experts in advanced practice interventions. We are scholars versed in current research and technology. We are people who prioritize client-centered care. We are not technicians; we are therapists. 

It would be an honor to bring you health onsite.

Our Story

Years ago, I met a man who suffered a stroke. He was labeled "independent" and "functional" because he could go to the bathroom by himself.

“Just because I can go to the bathroom doesn’t mean I’m normal.
I’m not at the level I used to be. I’m stuck at home because there are things I can’t do.”

His goal was to board a plane and travel the world. Motivated and determined, he participated in our therapy program. We created a makeshift cockpit fitted with a custom controls, throttles, rudders, and brakes. Our effort paid off. He regained the ability to use his arms and legs. Eventually, he met his goal.

He flew a plane.

Read that sentence again. He wasn’t a passenger. He was the PILOT.

Our goal is to meet your goals. Don’t settle for "functional." Master the improbable. Together, let’s fly a plane.

See the Difference

What makes us different? Our home therapy program means we come to you! We address a wide range of diagnoses and conditions, and our programs are individualized to meet your needs. We employ only the best healthcare professionals. More importantly, we seek to maximize your outcomes. Our interventions are dynamic, progressive, and effective. We rarely have you do the same thing twice. After all, why do something with a therapist that you can do by yourself? The point is to rehabilitate. At some point, you shouldn’t need us anymore.

All of our therapists are CNS certified by The Neuro Specialist Institute. CNS therapists have completed advanced training in neurological rehabilitation. They work closely with individuals who have undergone an upper motor neuron injury (stroke or brain injury).


Our Services

Therapy for Children
Sensory Integration
Feeding & Swallowing
Fine Motor & Handwriting
Community Integration
Social Skills & Play
Academic Enhancement
Home Modifications
Home Management
Remodel & Renovation
Universal & Livable Design
Aging in Place
Innovation & Technology
Therapy for Adults
Neurological Rehabilitation
Orthopedic Rehabilitation
Balance, Gait, & Mobility
Cognitive Therapy
Pain Management
Hand Therapy
Therapy at Work
On-Site Therapy
Return to Work Programs
Job Specific Training
Injury Prevention
Ergonomic Assessment
Workplace Wellness Programs

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Serving the Greater Los Angeles Area and Orange County

Please contact us directly with any questions or scheduling inquiries you may have. 

We currently accept Medicare and Blue Shield insurance. Private (self-pay) clients are also welcomed. 
Please note that you do not need to be "home-bound" to receive therapy services in your home.

Contracted services for home health agencies and facilities are also available.